Cat Food List by Age

Cat Food List by age should be known by pet owners. Heilcat is presenting today the cat food list by age here. Read carefully the article to know the food you need to give to your pet cat according to the age.

Cat Food List by Age

0 weeks – 4 weeks:

Cat Food

Breast milk is the ideal food for cats at this time. At this time, the cat can eat only liquid food. There is no need to eat solid foods. If the baby is an orphan, then the baby should be fed liquid milk or powdered milk in the baby feeder/dropper/syringe. If the milk is thick, the baby may get diarrhea. Mix the food with an equal amount of water (1 cup liquid milk = 1 cup water in this ratio); if it is a powder, mix it very thinly and then feed the baby. Harmful to these cats due to the high content of lactose in cow’s milk. There are also kitten formulas available for orphaned kittens at various pet shops that can be used as an alternative to breast milk. It is fed every 2-3 hours till the age of four weeks.

4 weeks – 12 weeks:

Cat Food,

At this time, the kitten can eat other foods besides milk. Different foods like fish without thorns, mashed boiled meat (without spices) should be eaten. If you want to give rice, you have to mix a small amount of rice. The food should be crushed well and softened with a little water. Kitten Food can be fed, and if necessary, it should be softened by mixing it with water. The packet is instructed to feed according to the weight. At this time, children need more nutrition which is available in Kitten Food. The baby should be fed 3-5 times a day, and breastfeeding should be gradually reduced. However, after the age of 8-10 weeks, there is no need to breastfeed.

After 12 weeks / 3 months:

Cat Food by Age,

At this time, the cat eats all kinds of food such as different types of fish, chicken, beef, eggs, Cat wet food, Cat dry food, etc. With plenty of pure water to drink. Since cats are carnivores, you should mix more meat with less rice even if you give them rice. However, the food must be boiled in water without oil, spices, salt, sugar, onion, garlic. It is better not to eat raw fish meat because it contains bacteria and cats get infected. At this time, he has to be fed 2-3 times a day.

Pregnant and mother cat food:

The gestation period of cats is approximately nine weeks. At this time, you need to eat more nutritious food and take care of it separately. Kitten food can be eaten along with other foods because it contains different nutrients. Mother cats also need separate nutrition during lactation. After 8-9 weeks of calving, the mother cat stops producing milk. Then he slowly returns to the amount of the previous meal. At this time, the cat’s health may deteriorate, so if you lose excess weight, you should contact the vet.

Why aren’t cats friendly?

If you want to find the answer to the behavior of cats, you need to know how cats became human pets. Cats have a much smaller history of being domesticated than dogs. Cats first appeared as pets in the Middle East about ten thousand years ago, in the Neolithic era. People start shifting them to protect crops from rats. But then there is a tendency among people to feed cats. They did not depend on people for food, and they collected their own food. Dogs have been around people in many ways, including cooperating in hunting and relying on food thrown away by humans, which is not the case with cats. So the cat’s relationship with humans was quite distant from the beginning.

The cat lying on your sofa or bed is very close to you, but its ancestors were not very close to our ancestors. They became human companions with a lot of wild nature. So even after so many years, now people have adopted cats with a lot of affection and love, but cats have not changed their previous nature much.

Some cats come to him as soon as the owner enters the house. Dogs do it too, but it is much more obvious in their body language. You should be happy if your cat does that. Because by that, he means he feels safe to you. This is a sign of good friendship with the cat.

Does your cat rub his body with yours? Many cats do it. It is basically a part of their wild features. Wild cats rub their bodies with other cats. Through this, they take the smell of other cats in their body and give their own smell to other cats’ bodies. However, a cat does not do this with all cats. Only do it with those who feel close. When a cat does this to a human, it means that the cat thinks he is a friend.

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