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At we aim to provide honest and independent advice you can trust about all things related to cat care service.  We also want to make it easy for you to find the best cat food and cat ideas and we often do this by reviewing cat-related products.

Please rest assured that we also cat care products, retailers, and brands that are not members of affiliate schemes. If we love something we’ll tell you about it, no matter where you can buy it!  We’re particularly keen to support new young brands who are encouraging the next generation of cat lovers.

Even though we may receive compensation in connection with your purchase of Affiliate Products as outlined above, we still seek to provide our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences as they relate to the products and services that are featured on the Site. participates in a variety of affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are where we get a commission if you purchase via our links. We use affiliate programs to keep our website free and also as a metric of how many users are purchasing products through our site. If you have any questions about affiliate programs, please do contact us and we will do our best to help.


To enable us to run successfully we need to form relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, as well as you our readers.  We also need to make enough money to fund the maintenance and development of the website, as well as earn a living to support our family. To do this we are members of several affiliate marketing schemes but we don’t use advertising banners on our website.


We don’t use advertising banners on our site, allow other companies to produce our content, or write about anything the team hasn’t used or tested.


Affiliate marketing is one of the main ways websites and blogs make money.  A retailer is a member of an affiliate scheme (or runs their own scheme). When a link is clicked on from a website that is also a member of the affiliate scheme, and a purchase is made, the website gets a small commission.  This does not affect the price of the item paid by you, our reader.


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Every time you, as one of our readers, make a purchase through such a link you’re helping keep Heilcat free to access resources for everyone – thanks so much!

We could make a lot more money writing about cheap, low-quality cat products as (unfortunately) these sell in much higher quantities. However, we firmly believe our readers want to hear about the best quality cat products that really help your cats to live long.


Where has been lent or given an item for a cat for review, we will always disclose this.  This will not impact our impartiality, and we always strive to review every product with honesty and integrity.

So If you have any questions at all about our use of affiliate marketing, please do get in touch via the “Contact” form at the top of our website.


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